Electromagnetic flowmeters are the best solution to measure conductive liquids with minimum conductivity of 5μS/cm, as they offer rapid response time, high measuring accuracy and long term stability.
No moving parts in the pipe and no obstruction to the liquid, with great advantage of no-pressure loss and virtually maintenance free system.
Our electromagnetic flowmeters cover a wide range of applications and satisfy every customer demand: flanged, wafer, threaded and insertions DN6 to DN2000 with pressure class up to ANSI900.


EUROMAG INTERNATIONAL converters represent the most versatile high performance electronics and they are able to satisfy all the requirements of the most difficult applications.
They are compatible with all EUROMAG INTERNATIONAL sensors.


Euromag Field Verificator provides field validation and in situ verification tools for both mains- and battery-powered electromagnetic flow meters.
A field validation device that checks whether a metering system has been installed correctly and is functioning properly.
Suitable for all Euromag International electromagnetic flowmeters.