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The Revolution in the flowmeasurement

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Key advantages

  • U0-D0 installation
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Battery powered and 12V external power
  • No moving parts
  • Neglectable pressure drop
  • Long lasting stability and precision
  • Zero maintenance
  • Lightweight sturdy structure
  • Wider range of measurement


  • District metering of potable water
  • Distribution, municipal water
  • Overnight applications with very low flow rate
  • Installation in small places without straight distances
  • Leak detection and monitoring
  • Fiscal measures, custody transfer
  • Irrigation

Easy and intuitive interface

Everything you need from your flowmeter with a blink of an APP.In a fast developing and interconnected world, data must be available and exchanged quick and easy Mag-Netapp is the Euromag solution.

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