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The Euromag integrated GSM/GPRS wireless system is an innovative, simple, universally compatible and consistently effective method for delivering, monitoring and managing realtime data from anywhere.
Instant alerts help to respond to flow anomalies and intervene immediately.

The system is compatible with MC608A/B/R/I and MC406 for continuous monitoring in any type of application related to water (i.e. irrigation, distribution, pumping stations). It is also an excellent solution for monitoring consumption.

The flow data, together with pressure and temperature, can be forwarded to any recipient specified by the customer without the need for proprietary or complicated software:

  • via SMS 
  • via email, as plain text or with .csv attachment
  • via the site www.euromagdata.com, via private and secure access


Intervals in sending/receiving data and any alerts are customizable (day, week, month) and values are, registered constantly.



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