Euromag DN2200 for Saïss Water

Euromag DN2200 for Saïss Water Inserito il 19 April 2021

What is Nominal Diameter

The dimensions of pipes, fittings, flanges and valves are usually expressed in inches NPS (nominal pipe size) or metric units DN (nominal diameter). The term "nominal diameter" refers to the inner diameter of the pipe. Together with the nominal pressure and material category, all pipe dimensions, such as flange dimensions, are defined by the nominal diameter.


EN ISO 6708 defines the nominal size as the alphanumeric mark of that size as a reference. It consists of the letter DN followed by a dimensionless integer, which is indirectly related to the physical size (mm) of the termination hole (ID) or the outer diameter (OD) of the hole.


Euromag DN2200 for Saïss Water

Euromag International developed and designed two MUT2200EL DN2200s for the Saïss Water Conservation Project (2015-2024) contributing to the fight against soil erosion, the conservation of ecosystems and the rehabilitation of forest areas over an area of 19,000 hectares.


Euromag provided as a solution, based on the results of field tests and years of experience, the combination of its sensors with the MC608A converter, which is necessary for the correct measurement of the flow coming from the M'dez dam's adduction system.


On 15 March 2019, the two MUT2200EL DN2200s left the factory - more than 1 year after the first evaluation of the project, 14 weeks after the official order and 2 weeks ahead of schedule.