mag-net: the new Euromag app

mag-net: the new Euromag app Inserito il 16 January 2022

Euromag flow meters become even more digital, versatile and practical thanks to mag-net, the new Euromag app specially designed to help customers make the control of their flow meters more streamlined, faster and easier.


mag-net features and functions


mag-net is an app available for free for both Android and IOS and downloadable from all app stores, which allows you to connect via Bluetooth to Euromag flow meters and thus be able to view data in a convenient and simple way.


The new Euromag app brings many advantages for operators, the main one being the ability to manage and control the meter remotely without, for example, having to physically descend into the pit. Without the use of the app, in fact, a meter would be managed via the on-board keypad, therefore, it would assume that the operator is in the same place as the meter, often installed in wells or rooms that are difficult to reach.


mag-net solves this problem and allows you to manage the meter, set it up, view the data and send it to other devices while remaining close to the instrument, but without necessarily having to be next to it. Thanks to the app, in fact, the technician has the ability to control and manage the meter without having to go down into the pit or even staying in his car!


Furthermore, mag-net not only indicates the current flow rate values ​​of the meter, but also provides a history of the previous days, weeks and months, thus allowing to identify any abnormal consumption or to understand if there are leaks in the pipes. Finally, the data generated by the app can be saved or sent directly to those who have to manage them, so as to make the verification and analysis process faster, more efficient and effective.


With mag-net you have the possibility to make your work easier, accurate and productive, saving time and having the possibility to manage in an integrated way all the data generated by the flow meters. And it’s free!


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